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Functional & Domain-oriented Knowledge Bases
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Why Multimedia Knowledge Bases?

As a result of global competition and rapid technological progress, engineers seek quick and innovative solutions for technical problems using fewer resources. This is necessary in order to improve products and processes so that a corporation can maintain its leadership in and share of the market. It is possible to use one of two approaches to solve a technical problem:

1. Independent problem research, personal search for innovative solutions.
2. Reference to similar technical problems that have previously been solved by other engineers in the same or other domains. Knowledge transfer to the problem in question.

Both approaches have their own drawbacks and benefits. Let’s consider some of them. While conducting personal research about the problem in question, there is a risk of wasting time and resources on a problem that has already been solved. On the other hand, when you attempt to refer to a similar problem solution reached by other engineers, the results might not always be convincing. Practice shows that knowledge incorporated in patents is in some cases insufficient to solve a particular problem. The reasons for this might be summarized as follows:

1. The majority of similar problems are found in other domains. This makes the search for solutions more complex, because the engineer is not aware of the domains to explore for the problem in question.
2. The number of patents is rapidly increasing. The procedure of searching and studying the pertinent patents requires more time and effort.
3. Patents are legal documents. As a rule, they contain some information that is irrelevant for the engineer to solve a problem. The engineer has to analytically extract problem-related information and examine the essence of the problem described in the patent.

A more unique and systematic approach to handle the problem in question is to use Multimedia Knowledge Bases.

Multimedia Knowledge Base Examples:
  Function-oriented KB   Optical mouse cord
   Electronic paper KB N1
   Electronic paper KB N2
  Domain-oriented KB   Optical mouse

Our Benefits:

Engineers' Experience
Qualified engineers and scientists who have a profound expertise in the technical domains work out the technical problem solutions for the Knowledge Bases.

The Knowledge Bases contain precise and comprehensive explanations of how to solve the technical problem, including a description of the problem situation, the problem solution workflow, the final results of the problem solution, and additional problem-related information.

Knowledge Bases are organized in such a way that it is always possible for the user to search for the problem-related solutions in other technical domains. More information can be found in Function-oriented KB.

Multimedia Artwork
The description of the technical problem solution is accompanied by Multimedia Artwork, which graphically explains the essence and workflow of the problem solution.

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