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Look at the examples of Technical Trends Reports
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Trends of Technology Evolution

Trends of Technology Evolution are research issues on a definite technological product or process that direct specialists towards identifying the market outlook of the product or process in question and forecasting its further technology evolution. The Trends assist a business audience in making challenging decisions on developing new technologies and/or modernizing existing ones. They give a systematic character to the entire technological process, guiding technologists to consciously solve problems.

Trends of Technology Evolution are based upon the study and analysis of the fundamental developmental stages through which a product or a process has passed. Any innovations, modernizations and perfections of the product or a process in diverse technical domains are accumulated in the Multimedia Knowledge Base from EffectiveSoft.
Our top-qualified specialists are ready to assist you in making an individual Technical Trend Report. Considering your technological problem, we at EffectiveSoft profoundly analyze the problem, collect the necessary data from the Multimedia Knowledge Base to work out a systematic procedure on how to enhance a product or a process in question, and forecast its further evolution.

Trends Report Example:
Look at examples of Trends of Technology Evolution
"Electronic paper"

Trends Advantages:
Reveals the tendencies of personal research and development…

Reliable prediction of a technological evolution...

Reveals potential competitors...

Envisages possible investment directions ...

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