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Functional & Domain-oriented Knowledge Bases
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Multimedia Knowledge Bases Building

EffectiveSoft is ready to assist engineers in their search for adequate solutions to technical problems. EffectiveSoft offers a special database that contains technical solutions and other retrievable and relevant technical information. This database is called the Multimedia Knowledge Base. You can find additional information in the section, "Why Multimedia Knowledge Bases?".

The Knowledge Base from EffectiveSoft is the result of an enormous amount of work by qualified personnel, including more than 300 scientists and engineers in various scientific domains (e.g., molecular biology, chemistry, shipbuilding, aerospace, etc). Our Knowledge Bases are easily customizable. Due to our development culture and expertise, we are able to deliver Knowledge Bases containing the amount of information and focused domains agreed upon with the customer. The Knowledge Base might contain several technical solutions for one specific domain or thousands of technical solutions covering diverse scientific domains.

EffectiveSoft builds Knowledge Bases while making a target of one of the following aspects: either a function described in the technical problem solution, or a domain to which the technical problem solution belongs. Hence, EffectiveSoft offers the following two types of Knowledge Bases:
  Function-oriented Knowledge Bases
  Domain-oriented Knowledge Bases

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Our Benefits:
Easy to Use
We at EffectiveSoft strive for comprehension and relevance in the technical solutions included in the Knowledge Base.
Multimedia Artwork
We provide animated graphical explanations of how to solve the problem under consideration.
Quality Control
EffectiveSoft cares about the quality of the technical problem solutions included in the Knowledge Base.
Multimedia Knowledge Bases Examples:
  Function-oriented KB   Optical mouse cord
   Electronic paper N1
   Electronic paper N2
  Domain-oriented KB   Optical mouse
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  Function-oriented Knowledge Bases
  Domain-oriented Knowledge Bases
  Why Multimedia Knowledge Bases?
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