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A fragment of a Consulting Case Study report
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Engineering Consulting Services

At the present time of intensive competition and technological progress, enterprises tend to rapidly seek for effective solutions with minimal resources and costs. Unfortunately, in some cases an enterprise’s success is constrained for the following possible reasons:

The search for solutions is performed within only one domain, while an adequate solution might lie beyond the engineer’s vision and expertise.
Human nature, time pressure, formed stereotypes and the working environment constrain innovative thinking, and serve as the foundation for abandoning the search for a solution.
There is a marked absence of systematic approaches to explore all paths toward the best solution.

EffectiveSoft meets you halfway, and is ready to provide engineering consulting on complex technical problems you face in your technological process/domain.


Consulting Case Study example:
A fragment of a Consulting Case Study report
"Case study of contact tip improvement"


Our Benefits:
1. A new vision on your problem that opens new horizons for alternative problems and narrows the search area for adequate solutions.
2. The attraction of having additional human resources on your research team to provide solutions within a short period of time. Your creative potential increases, with a correspondingly greater guarantee of arriving at a timely solution.
3. Application of TRIZ (Theory of Inventive Problem Solving) as a structured methodology to problem solving.
4. Acquisition of pertinent solutions per your requirements while considering the costs, profitability, efficiency and productivity of the solution.
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  Fill in the "Contact Form" to contact our Marketing Department
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