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Multimedia Knowledge Base Example

Function-oriented Knowledge Base \ Electronic paper \ Improve image quality of paper-like display

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1. Monolayer gyricon display provides improved brightness/contrast performance view->
2. Reflective mesh electrode reduces switching time of electrophoretic display view->
3. Dielectric droplets reduce response time of flat panel display view->
4. Microencapsulation of electrophoretic composition improves electrophoretic display stability view->
5. Nanoparticles reduce switching time of encapsulated electrophoretic display view->
6. Bichromal cylinders obtain improved brightness of gyricon display view->
7. Exercises by electrical field and heat improve visual contrast of a gyricon display view->
8. Twisting balls provide fast response of flat panel display view->
9. Electrode matrix records fixed and moving images in electrophoretic layer view->
10. Multiplicity of two-color ball particles in micro-capsule enhances contrast ratio of display image view->
11. Organic-based field effect transistors address pixel without interference from adjacent pixels in microencapsulated displays view->
12. An initializing alternating drive voltage prevents flexible display particle coagulation view->
13. Inverse electrorheological fluid reduces switching time of electrophoretic display view->
14. Microstructure with reflective corona enhances image contrast of gyricon display view->
15. Liquid droplet provides sheet display view->
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