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Building Knowledge Bases
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Multimedia Knowledge Base Example

Domain-oriented Knowledge Base \ Optical Mouse

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Subsystem Solution  
1. Casing
  1.1. Side panels made of softer plastic material improve gripability of mouse view->
  1.2. Angled grip-rod enhances ergonomic quality of mouse view->
2. Light source
  2.1. Prism improves illumination uniformity of working surface view->
3. Lens
  3.1. Light-blocking patches flatten illumination intensity over pixels of image sensor view->
4. Image sensor
  4.1. Artificial limiting of optical aperture obtains unambiguous speckle pattern view->
5. Processor
  5.1. Detecting movement of edges of dot pattern determines relative movement of image pattern across image sensor view->
  5.2. Increase accuracy of the relative motion measurement view->
  5.3. Compare light intensity between pairs of pixels view->
6. Cord
  6.1. Shackle retains mouse cord view->
  6.2. Reel assembly adjusts mouse cord length view->
7. Mouse button
  7.1. Sliding inset button simplifies cumbersome dragging operation view->
8. Mouse wheel
  8.1. Wheel actuator provides force feedback to mouse wheel view->
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